Looking at Latin Online

Author and Question-Creator: Anna Andresian

Adapted for the Screen: Andrew Reinhard

Assisted By: Pete Sipes, Will Duffy, Morgan King, Diana Chen

Web Consultant: James Starritt

Senior Editor: LeaAnn Osburn

Assistant Editor: Donald Sprague

Proofreader: Gary Varney

Special Thanks: Caroline Kelly, Michael Posey, Paul Properzio

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Do you think you know everything about the supine, double dative, and active and passive periphrastic? Do you need help with third declension nouns? Are you lost with all of the different ablatives? Help is here.

Looking at Latin Online is the world's most comprehensive Latin grammar review site on the Internet. Students from ages 11 and up can test their mettle on all parts of speech by exploring 266 sets of questions, 10-50 questions per set, for a total of 5,717 exercises. Question types include fill in the blank, short answer, translation, multiple choice, matching, and true/false.

Self-correcting, self-grading, and illustrated, these questions are the perfect way to review your grammar online every day, prior to weekly quizzes, or before taking unit exams, midterms, and finals. The questions will work with any first- and second-year textbook, and are great for homeschoolers, distance learners, and language labs.

Annual individual and site licenses (for schools) are available.


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